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  • What is the Asset Network?
    To put it simply, it’s a place where users can upload and download files related to game development. It’s a user-generated content library!
  • How does the Asset Network work?
    The Asset Network holds assets on Wix’s File-Sharing app. Users are able to upload and download assets to this app to be used by other members for their own personal projects.
  • Who can use the Asset Network?
    The GDK Asset Network is a service made by students, for students. Or, more specifically, active dues-paying members of the GDK. If you want to become a dues-paying member, you can purchase a membership from the shop here! We also allow UCF alumni to to access and donate assets to the Network, free of charge!
  • What about storage? How much data can the Asset Network hold?
    Wix's File-Sharing app can hold up to 35 GB of content by itself, but we have a plan to ensure that users will be able to upload as many assets as they please! When the File-Sharing app runs out of storage, we move older assets into an archive consisting of a series of Dropbox widgets, each tied to their own separate account. Each Dropbox account nets us an extra 2 GB of data, and we will create as many as we need!
  • I'm a UCF alumni who wants to contribute to the Network. How can I gain access?
    That's great! All you need to do is reach out to an Asset Network Admin on the GDK Discord and they should grant you access to the Network!
  • I'm a dues-paying member but I can't access the Asset Network!
    There are two possible reasons for that: That might have been an accident! Be sure to reach out to an Officer (preferably via Discord) and we'll rectify our mistake! You broke one of the rules and had your Asset Network privileges suspended. You'll have to wait until your suspension is lifted before you can access the Network again.
  • Wix won't let me upload my file to the Network!
    There could be a few reasons for this: You're trying to upload a file that Wix doesn't support. See here and here to learn what file types Wix supports. If the file you want to upload isn't supported, we recommend putting it in a .zip file instead! Your file may be too big. See here to learn what the maximum supported file sizes are. Also keep in mind that we don't allow files larger than 1 GB to be uploaded to the network. Wix's File Share app may have reached its data limit. If the two solutions above don't solve your problem, reach out to an Asset Network Admin over the GDK Discord and we will archive older assets to make room for you!

If you have a question that the FAQ doesn't answer, reach out to an Asset Network Admin on the GDK Discord! They would be happy to help!

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