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What is the Asset Network?

The GDK Asset Network is a cloud-based storage service using Wix's File Share app where club members can upload assets they create to a server to share with other members!

Who can use the Asset Network?

Access to the GDK Asset Network is reserved for active dues-paying members. If you wish to use the Asset Network, you can purchase a membership from the shop by clicking the button below!

UCF Alumni who wish to contribute are encouraged to use the Asset Network! To be granted access, just reach out to an Asset Network Admin on the official GDK Discord and we'll let you in!

Using the Asset Network

Step 1: Uploading Content

How and Where To Upload

To upload an asset, all you need to do is select the "+File" button at the top right of the page! 

New files can only be uploaded at the top level of the system. This is so admins can easily spot new contributions!

Screenshot 2022-08-10 141402.png

Technical Limitations

There are several game dev-related file types that Wix File Share does not directly support, such as FBX models or C# scripts. 

To get around this, we recommend uploading .zip files containing your files instead!

See here and here to learn more about supported file types.

Uploading Assets

Content Policy

What is Allowed?
  • 3D Models

  • Game Design Documents

  • Sound Effects

  • Programming Tools

  • Textures

  • Visual Effects

  • Any asset relevant to game development!

What is NOT Allowed?
  • NSFW Content

  • Assets containing material from copyrighted or trademarked works

  • Politically charged content

  • Assets containing sensitive personal information

  • Assets containing malware

  • Assets exceeding 1 GB in size

Assets that violate the Content Policy will be removed and may result in the following penalties:

  • Verbal Warning: No penalty.

  • 1 Strike: 1-Week Suspension of Asset Network Privileges.

  • 2 Strikes: 1-Semester Suspension of Asset Network Privileges.

  • 3 Strikes: Permanent ban from the Asset Network.

Step 2: Approval

New uploads will sit outside the main folders until it is approved and then placed into the proper folder by an admin. 

Admins check for new uploads every Friday, but you can expedite the process by pinging the Asset Network Admin role in the GDK's official Discord.

Until an asset is approved, it will sit outside the directory. We recommend you wait to the asset's approval before downloading it! There is a chance it may contain malware.

Asset Approval

And That's It!

If you have any more questions, feel free to read our FAQ!

If the FAQ doesn't answer your questions, reach out to an Asset Network Admin on the GDK Discord!

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