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GDK Resources

Here in GDK Resources you can find free guides, tutorials, assets and more that GDK recommends any developer use to get started or hone their skills. If you're interested in getting started with Game Dev, click on the Newbies section.

Looking for something in particular? Find your specialization in the list below!


Just getting started? Have a new idea but not sure where to start? Looking to learn new tools or engines?

3D Artists

Interested in rigging, animating, modeling or texturing? 3D artists can find content for their specialization here.

Sound Designers


Foley, sound implementation, music theory, and more!


If you would call yourself a Code Monkey, Scripter, or Software Engineer this is your place to be!


Level, narrative, mechanics, and systems designers can find content to help them level up their skills here!


Team management, task organization, risk management, and planning are all fundamental to game dev.

2D Artists

Whether its hand drawn, pixel art, static, animated, you can find it here!


Do complex narratives, emotive dialogue, and deep world-building catch your eye? Check out our resources!

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